About Burden of Disease

Informing South Africa’s future health status

The SAMRC’s Burden of Disease Research Unit collects and analyses data on South Africa’s health status to estimate and monitor the burden of disease (the impact of health problems) and factors associated with the health of the population.

The Unit was formed to provide information on the trends in the country’s health status as well as causes of disease for future planning to improve the health of the nation. It has developed exceptional expertise in summary health measures, health surveys, and mortality data and health informatics analysis.

Key focus areas

  • Estimating and monitoring the burden of disease and other indicators of population health for the country
  • Undertaking research to improve population health information & surveillance systems
  • Conducting methodological research to improve the basis of burden of disease estimation and surveillance
  • Working with government, the healthcare providers, academic institutions and international agencies to improve the systems used to collect data; and
  • Making the required information available for health policies and planning.

Request for Medical Doctors to review medical records and identify cause of death
Submission deadline date: 8 January 2019

The SAMRC Burden of Disease Research Unit is looking for registered medical doctors who have clinical experience in the state health services, to assist with medical record reviews and certification of cause of death for 13000 patients who died in hospital during 2017/2018.

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