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Director: Prof Mohamed Seedat
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Professor Mohamed Seedat The VIPRU, formerly known as the Crime, Violence and Injury Lead Programme (CVI), was formalised in 2001 as a partnership between UNISA and the Medical Research Council (MRC).

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The CVI incorporated the MRC’s former Trauma Unit’s surveillance and epidemiological research activities and the Institute’s community-focused prevention and critical theoretical work. Whereas the CVI emphasised surveillance and the epidemiology of violence and injuries in its first cycle (2001-2005), during its second cycle (2006-2010) it turned its gaze towards the study of risks and determinants of crime, violence and injuries. During the third cycle (2011-2015) the VIPRU will commit significant intellectual energies towards data driven prevention initiatives and transferable solutions for priority injury and violence issues, including safety and peace promotion.

Accordingly, the third cycle will see a continuation of current public health critically-oriented research, the introduction of trans-disciplinary safety and peace promotion research, and a name change indicative of a paradigm shift.

VIPRU objectives
The objectives of VIPRU are to:

  • Conduct trans-disciplinary research to champion peace and safety promotion, as well as violence and injury prevention;
  • Develop appropriate tools to assess the magnitude, trends and occurrence of crime, injuries and violence, and conditions promotive of safety and peace;
  • Study the risks, causes and determinants of crime, violence and injuries, and factors supportive of safety and peace;
  • Identify, support and develop primary prevention, injury control, and safety and peace promotion demonstration initiatives;
  • Encourage research translation to inform the prevention and promotive work of governments and social movements; and
  • Build primary prevention, and safety and peace promotion research and intervention expertise among researchers, policy-drivers, community-based workers and practitioners


The 2015 issue of the African Safety Promotion: A Journal of Injury and Violence Prevention, Vol. 13, No. 2 has just been published. This issue contains 5 original contributions, 1 conference report and a second call for contributions to a Special 2016 Issue on the progress, challenges and successes of the United Nationís decade of action for road safety at regional, national and global levels. Please find the Table of Contents with links to the full articles below. For any queries please contact Ms Nancy Hornsby at

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