Bidders Information

Bidders Information for current Tenders


Bid number Bid description BIdders
SAMRC/SCM-SIMVTS/2018/16 Supply, Installation and Monitoring of a Vehicle Tracking System List
SAMRC/HSE-PGSC/2018/15 Provision of Gas Supply and Consumables List
SAMRC/FM-PPSG/2018/14 Provision of Physical Security at the SA Medical Research sites List
SAMRC/PMAO-NIH:CDC/2018/12 Provision of Audit Services for the Projects Funded by International Donor List
SAMRC/HPRU-APPS/2018/09 Appointment of a Panel of Pharmaceutical Supplies List
SAMRC/SCM-PSTIBS/2018/07 Provision of Short – Term Insurance Broking Services List
SAMRC/FM-PGB&GMS/2018/03 Provision of General Building and Grounds Maintenance Services-Gauteng   List


Bid number Bid description BIdders
SAMRC/CCEM-PCVH/2017/43 Provision of Conference Venue Hire 2021 List
SAMRC/FM-RMGE/2017/42 Repairs, Renovation and Extension of the Motor Gate Entrance List
SAMRC/CCEM-PCVH/2017/41 Provision of Conference Venue Hire 2019 List
Maintenance of Diesel Generators - KwaZulu Natal