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Publications 2012-13 (pdf format, 551 kb)

Previous publications

Peer-review journal articles

  1. Mayosi BM, Flisher AJ, Lalloo UG, Sitas F, Tollman SM, Bradshaw D. The burden of non-communicable diseases in South Africa. The Lancet 2009.  DOI: 10 1016/S0140-6736(09)61087-4.
  2. Madhavan S, Towensend N, Garey AI. Absent Breadwinners: Father-child connections and paternal support in rural South Africa. Journal of Southern African Studies 2009, 34(3):647-663. DOI: 10.1080/03057070802259902
  3. Goudge J, Russell S, Gilson L, Gumede T, Tollman S, Mills A. Illness related impoverishment in rural South Africa: why does social protection work for some households but not others? Journal for International Development. 2009, 21(2) 231-251
  4. Madhavan S, Schatz E, Clark, B. HIV/AIDS mortality and household dependency ratios in rural South Africa 2000-2005. Population Studies 63 2009; (1), 1-15.
  5. Ogunmefun C, Schatz E. Caregivers' sacrifices: the opportunity costs of adult morbidity and mortality for female pensioners in rural South Africa. Development Southern Africa 2009;26(1). 
  6. de Sherbinin A, Vanwey LK, McSweeney K, Aggarwal R, Barbieri A, Henry S, Hunter LM, Twine W. Rural household demographics, livelihoods and the environment. Global Environmental Change 2008;18(1):38-53.
  7. Tollman SM, Kahn K, Sartorius B, Collinson MA, Clark SJ, Garenne ML. Implications of mortality transition for primary health care in rural South Africa: a population-based surveillance study. Lancet 2008; 372: 893-901.
  8. Hunter LM, De Souza R-M, Twine W. The environmental dimensions of the HIV/AIDS pandemic: a call for scholarship and evidence-based intervention. Population & Environment 2008;29:103-107.
  9. Cortina MA, Kahn K, Fazel M, Hlungwani T, Tollman S, Bhana A, Prothrow-Stith D, Stein A. School-based interventions can play a critical role in enhancing children's development and health in the developing world. Child: Care, health and development 2008;34(1):1-3.

Book chapters

  • White M.J., Mberu, B.U., Collinson M.A. African Urbanisation: Recent Trends and Implications. In: G., McGranahan G., Montgomery M., Fernandez-Castilla R (eds). ‘The New Global Frontier: Urbanisation, Poverty and Environment in the 21st Century’. London: Earthscan, 2008: 301-316 ISBN 978-1-84407-559-1
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