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RCD Workshops

The following workshops were organized by RCD as part of its individual capacity development strategy.

HPCSA Presentation Workshop: 23 June 2011
The MRC Research Capacity Development Directorate arranged a presentation session from the HPCSA facilitated by Mr Sipho Mbele. Based on the concerns raised by MRC intern’s regarding lack of clarity on HPCSA, and the processes required to be registered as a member of HPCSA this workshop was intended to equip the participants with information on matters concerning regulation of the health professions in the Republic of South Africa. These are aspects pertaining to registration, education and training, professional conduct and ethical behavior, ensuring continuing professional development, and facilitating compliance with healthcare standards for research undertaken.

MRC Intern’s Abstract Writing Workshop: 23 June 2011
RCD and Burden of Disease research unit created a partnership to facilitate an abstract writing workshop for the interns. This workshop was deemed important, especially for the new interns starting in 2011, but also an enhancement tool for the seasoned interns to improve on their research abstract writing skills.

RCD expresses sincere gratitude to Professor Bradshaw for contributing her expertise in this program and we forward to a long term partnership.

Research Synthesis Workshop: 03-04 August 2011
The MRC Research Capacity Development Sub directorate in collaboration with the MRC Cochrane Centre put together a 2 day research synthesis workshop as part of RCD’s individual capacity development strategy. This 2 day workshop was presented by Babalwa Zani, Dr. Taryn Young, Elizabeth Pienaar and Dr Tamara Kredo.  RCD wishes to expresses sincere gratitude to the colleagues at the COCHRANE Centre for their support and time and every contribution to this workshop.

Leadership Training: 24 June 2011
RCD sourced the expertise of PST consultants to run a 1 day workshop on performance training for young scientists which was attended by 30 delegates from the respective research units within the MRC.   This workshop was intended to help delegates enhance their natural unique capabilities and talents, strengths and weaknesses towards creating a workplace that supports the goals of the organisation.

Institutional Capacity Development RCD and Biostats collaboration to support North West University (Mafikeng Campus)

Basic Statistics Workshop: North West University (NWU): Mafikeng Campus
The MRC Research Capacity Development Sub directorate in collaboration with the MRC Biostatistics Research Unit put together a 3 phase Basic Statistics workshops for North West University as part of RCD’s Institutional capacity development initiative. The workshop was facilitated by staff from the MRC Biostatistics Research Unit from the Pretoria office.

Phase 1:
1-2 September 2011
Presented By Prof Samuel Manda and Mr Lwando Kondlo
In the first phase of the workshop, the participants were exposed to the use of simple statistical tools and the principle underlying the use of the tools. Some areas covered in this basic workshop were on the different sampling methodologies, (Simple, Stratified, Cluster, Systematic Random Sampling) designs, (Randomized Controlled Trials, Experimental Laboratory Studies, Observational Studies, Cross-Sectional Surveys), level and scale of measurement (Nominal, Ordinal, Interval and Ratio). This was followed by a basic descriptive and inferential statistics session on Outcome (Dependent) and Explanatory (Independent) Variables Descriptive & Inferential Statistics Independent t test & One-way ANOVA Paired t test Non-parametric tests before a statistical clinic and one on one sessions were conducted by Mr Lwando Kondlo.

Phase 2:
9-10 February 2012
Presented By Prof Steve Olorunju
The second phase of the training workshop was to provide basic understanding of Statistical Methods and its applications to the Researchers and Scientists. This phase looked at the topics about relationship between variables (Correlation, Regression and other types) in general. The phase presented the forms of relationship that researchers encounter in their daily research. Furthermore, it covered the principles underlying the methods presented.

Phase 3:
9-10 May 2012
Presented By Prof Samuel Manda
The third phase of the training workshop focused on the importance of sample size calculations, determining factors , Class Experiences of Sample Sizes, Sample sizes for Hypothesis Testing Problems Sample sizes for Hypothesis Testing Problems,  STATA functions for sample size, Sleep Example (paired and two group comparison)  and the  effects of Sample Size Calculations
MRC Grants Information Dissemination Sessions
The following institutions were visited by MRC Research Capacity Development Directorate to distribute information on the grants and other support from the MRC available to researchers, Masters and PhD candidates.

  • University of Limpopo (Turfloop Campus)
  • University of Venda
  • Central University of Technology
  • University of Free State
  • Tshwane University of Technology as well as Nelson Mandela Metropole University

Other interactions about MRC funding opportunities at Departmental /faculty or Research office level were with

  • UWC
  • UKZN
  • UCT
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