Success examples on completed research topics of the NHSP

Dr Simon Nemutandani
“How allopathic and traditional health practitioners could work together in the fight against HIV/AIDS and TB infections”
South Africa, for the first time has a model of collaboration based on an agreement reached by patients, health providers and community leaders together is developed, it is set to guide SA’s policy on collaboration as well as give impetus in achieving National Developmental plan 2030. Dr Simon Nemutandani’s research study was tabled at the South African Parliament.

Dr Amy L. Slogrove
“The pattern and pathways of infectious morbidity in South African HIV exposed uninfected infants”.
Results: One hundred and seventy – six (94HEU, 82 HUU) Mother – infant pairs were included, HIV infected mothers were older (median 27.8 vs 24.7 years p<0.01 and HEU infants less often breastfed, 35/94(37%) vs81/82 99% p<0.001

Dr Verusia Chetty
“Development of a model of care for rehabilitation of people living with HIV in a semi- rural setting in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa”.
HIV status, breastfeeding modality at 5 months and postpartum maternal weight changes over 24 months in rural South Africa

Dr Phumla Z. Sinxadi
“Pharmacogenomics and Pharmacokinetics of Antiretroviral Drugs and their Associations with Metabolic Complications in HIV – Infected Black South African’s.
Dr Phumla Sinxadi was the lead investigator on this pharmacogenetics study. She designed the study. She was involved with drawing and processing some of the blood samples. She did the DNA extraction and shipping to Vanderbilt Genomics Core. Under David Haas’s supervision