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arrow Linkage to care following home-based HIV counseling and testing. March 2013 (pdf format, 1559 kb)
arrow Review of Research on Alcohol and HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa. February 2013 (pdf format, 399 kb)


arrow Methamphetamine use and associated problems among adolescents in the Western cape province of South Africa. October 2012 (pdf format, 222 kb)

Child homicide patterns in South Africa: Is there a link to child abuse? August 2012 (pdf format, 811 kb)


Every eight hours: Intimate femicide in South Africa 10 years later! August 2012 (pdf format, 502 kb)


School-based health clinics for adolescent sexual, reproductive and mental health. June 2012 (pdf format, 194 kb)


Is prophylactic Vitamin A supplementation justified in areas where liver is frequently eaten? February 2012 (pdf format, 1733 kb)


arrow Non-Communicable Diseases – A race against time. September 2011 (Updated 24 February 2014) (pdf format, 665 kb)
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