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MRC policy briefs to government

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arrow Linkage to care following home-based HIV counseling and testing. March 2013 (pdf format, 1559 kb)
arrow Review of Research on Alcohol and HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa. February 2013 (pdf format, 399 kb)


arrow Methamphetamine use and associated problems among adolescents in the Western cape province of South Africa. October 2012 (pdf format, 222 kb)

Child homicide patterns in South Africa: Is there a link to child abuse? August 2012 (pdf format, 811 kb)


Every eight hours: Intimate femicide in South Africa 10 years later! August 2012 (pdf format, 502 kb)


School-based health clinics for adolescent sexual, reproductive and mental health. June 2012 (pdf format, 194 kb)


Is prophylactic Vitamin A supplementation justified in areas where liver is frequently eaten? February 2012 (pdf format, 1733 kb)


arrow Non-Communicable Diseases – A race against time. September 2011 (Updated 24 February 2014) (pdf format, 665 kb)


arrow Substance abuse and the young: taking action. June 2009 (pdf format, 907kb)
arrow Guidelines on mycotoxin control in South African foodstuffs: From the application of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system to new national mycotoxin regulations (pdf format, 187kb)


arrow Drugs, Sex, and Gender-Based Violence: The Intersection of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic with Vulnerable Women in South Africa - Forging a Multilevel Collaborative Response (pdf format, 212 kb)
arrow Alcohol and Drug Abuse Trends: January - June 2008 (Phase 24) (pdf format, 88kb)
arrow Sexual risk behaviour among men with multiple, concurrent female sexual partners in an informal settlement on the outskirts of Cape Town. (April 2008) (pdf format, 165 kb)
arrow Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders in Cape Town, South Africa (pdf format, 1310kb)


arrow Alcohol and Drug Abuse Trends: July - December 2007 (Phase 23) (pdf format, 83kb)
arrow Findings from the first South African Stress and Health Study (October 2007) (pdf format, 465 kb)
arrow Dietary intervention lowers blood pressure in South Africans with hypertension. (September 2007) (pdf format, 1781 kb)
arrow How is research knowledge translated into policies? March 2007 (pdf format, 257 kb)
arrow Evaluation of Stepping Stones. March 2007 (pdf format, 3645 kb)
arrow Change the Package, Save a Life. January 2007 (pdf format, 1971 kb)


arrow Worms in SA's children. April 2006 (pdf format, 153 kb)
arrow Managing multidrug-resistant tuberculosis. Legal implications. January 2006 (pdf format, 718 kb)


arrow Cause of death in Cape Town, Key findings. September 2004 (pdf format, 797 kb)
arrow "Every six hours a woman is killed by her intimate partner": A National Study of Female Homicide in South Africa. June 2004 (pdf format 412 kb)
arrow Aggressive road behaviours in South Africa. April 2004 (pdf format 339 kb)
arrow A profile of fatal injuries in South Africa: A platform for safety promotion. March 2004 (pdf format, 152 kb)
arrow The health facility-based nutrition programme does not address malnutrition effectively.January 2004 (pdf format 559 kb)


arrow What are the leading causes of death among South African children? December 2003 (pdf format, 279 kb)
arrow Male circumcision for prevention of heterosexual acquisition of HIV in men - a Cochrane review. July 2003 (pdf format, 169 kb)
arrow Initial estimates from the South African National Burden of Disease Study, 2000. March 2003 (pdf format, 430 kb)


arrow Supporting salt producers towards optimal iodisation of household salt in South Africa. September 2002 (pdf format, 49 kb)
arrow Herpes simplex virus type II infection is a risk factor for HIV seroconversion. August 2002 (pdf format, 145 kb)
arrow Orphans of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The time to act is now. May 2002 (pdf format, 246 kb)
arrow Interventions for providers to promote a patient-centred approach in clinical consultations. A systematic review. May 2002


arrow Integrating traditional healers into a tuberculosis control programme in Hlabisa,
South Africa.
December 2001
arrow Evaluation of medico-legal services in Gauteng: Implications for the development of best practices in the after-care of rape survivors. December 2001
arrow Aflatoxin in peanut butter. May 2001
arrow Children and tobacco in southern Africa. March 2001
arrow Tobacco use by black women in Cape Town. March 2001


arrow Targeting HIV-prevention efforts on truck drivers and sex workers: Implications for a decline in the spread of HIV in southern Africa. December 2000
arrow Solving iodine deficiency in South Africa: So near - yet so far. August 2000
arrow Use of insecticide - treated bednets by communities reduce malaria transmission in comparison to house spraying in KwaZulu-Natal. April 2000
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