Ms Shibe Mhlongo

Ms Shibe Mhlongo, SAMRC Gender and Health Research Unit (Junior Statistician). Shibe had the following to say about her experiences so far on the Biostatistics programme: “My experience with the Distance Learning Biostatistics programme offered by the University of Hasselt was good.  I read longitudinal analysis books by Geert Molenberghs and Geert Verbeke (instructors for one of the courses) during my Master’s training with the University of Stellenbosch, so it was a great opportunity to interact with them.  The courses were well organised, and all queries were resolved in a timeous manner.  There was a lot of material to cover and everything was easily available and accessible on the online platform.  The training has expanded my knowledge of survival and longitudinal analysis. The way the course was set up, encouraged and challenged me to learn and do more. The inverse probability weighting method for handling missing data was useful in finalising my Master’s research project and other aspects I used in my presentations.  The training obtained continues to assist me in the analysis of the different projects within the Rape Impact Cohort Evaluation (RICE) longitudinal study.”