Mr Warren Lucas

Warren Lucas is one of the newly funded beneficiaries under the SAMRC Internship scholarship programme, hosted in the Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Research Unit (ATODRU).

His Topic is “The design and implementation of a patient-centred therapeutic sport and exercise intervention for young people with substance-use disorders in the treatment settings, improving behavioural health and quality of life in South Africa”

Warren has enrolled for a PhD Medicine (Exercise Science) at the University of Cape Town. His PhD focusses  on the design and implementation of a patient-centred exercise and sport intervention for young people with substance use disorders in South Africa, in order to improve overall quality of life and behavioural health.

He is a member of the South African Sports Medicine Association and serves in the capacity of President and Chairperson for the Cape Town Gymnastics Association. The Association strives to make gymnastics opportunities available to all in the Cape Metropole and leads the Youth Development portfolio for the Foundation for Sport, Development and Peace, working on programmes to upskill youth through physical activities, sport and recreation.