Dr Nolubabalo Unati Nqebelele

Dr Nolubabalo Unati Nqebelele, one of our very own scholars under the National Health Scholars Program has been awarded a PhD in nephrology, specializing in Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).. . Her achievement is no small feat. Nephrologists holding PhDs in South Africa are a select group of fewer than 10 physicians. She is furthermore the first black woman to earn a PhD in internal medicine at the University of the Witwatersrand, following in the footsteps of other medical women firsts at Wits, including legendary Wits alumnae Dr. Mary Susan Malahlela and recently elected Chancellor, Dr. Judy Dlamini..  For these achievements she has been recognised as this year’s recipient of the Ken Huddle Clinical Role model award. .With a heart for social justice in medical and health care,   Dr Nqebelele says physicians are not only about treating individual patients. “We also must pursue universal health care for everyone as a fundamental human right. The unacceptable inequalities in health care are a moral, political, social, and economic obligation of every doctor