Dr Lynnsay Dikson

Dr Lynnsay Dikson, she’s currently funded under the SAMRC Clinician Researcher M.D PhD Scholarship programme

Her research project is titled “Screening, diagnosis and lifestyle intervention program for gestational diabetes in an urban primary health clinic in South Africa”. Her research work is underpinned by the ideal of equal access to gestational diabetes mellitus screening care. These screening services should be available to all pregnant women, whether in a private or state health care setting, whether urban or rural dwelling and regardless of ethnicity. An oral glucose tolerance test is the gold standard screening and diagnostic procedure but requires the services of a calibrated laboratory, which may not be easily accessible, thus creating delays in obtaining results and initiating treatment. Dr Dikon investigated the utility of point of care glucometers to universally screen for gestational diabetes in low resource settings. Findings of this feasibility study indicate that this cost-effective strategy has improved sensitivity and specificity over the current practice of risk factor based selective screening. Identifying these high-risk, usually asymptomatic, gestational diabetes affected pregnancies will allow interventions to reduce poor perinatal outcomes.