Charl Janse van Rensburg

In the October 2018 to January 2019 semester I was enrolled for two Masters modules in Biostatistics at the University of Hasselt, Belgium.  As I was interested in learning more about Spatial Statistics, I took “Spatial Epidemiology” as one of the subjects. Spatial statistics is a crucial tool in health research today. Through taking this module I have come to understand some of the core concepts in Spatial Statistics, as well as have been familiarised with some of the important tools, which I might not have been had I not been enrolled for this module as it is difficult to find time to learn new things at such a level when working full time, or even at a week workshop. The study notes were exceptional and with this specific course video lectures were available. This made it a very good experience as a distance learner.  The blackboard setup was very helpful, and very similar to what you would have, enrolled as a normal student. Through this initiative I have gained valuable exposure to some interest areas of mine at an advanced level, which have given me the necessary springboard to learn more in these areas.