Annual Joint

From left to right: Prof Muller; Prof De Wet; Ms. Viljoen; Prof Mampuru; Prof Kappo; Prof Louw; Dr Mbazima

The   4th Annual Joint RCDI-SAMRC Research Conference was recently hosted by the University of Zululand under the leadership of the RCDI funded-PI, Prof AP Kappo. The conference took place at the scenic Salt Rock Hotel, Dolphin Beach, KwaZulu-Natal from the 25 – 27 July 2019. This yearly research meeting between the University of Zululand, University of Limpopo and the SAMRC is the brainchild of the SAMRC-RDCI Programme Scientific Advisor, Prof Johan Louw. The idea is for students under the RCDI programme to meet and present research progress and achievements. The meeting is also set-up for supervisors to share ideas on collaborations and research synergies between the various labs.

The research conference was officially opened by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Research & Innovation of the University of Zululand, Prof Gideon De Wet. He enjoined the participants to critically invest into issues such as social justice and the impact of their research endeavours to the society at large. Furthermore, he acknowledged the huge role the SAMRC has played in capacitating biomedical research in UNIZULU through the RCDI funding to Prof Kappo. He mentioned the investment of the university into a brand-new tissue culture lab nearing completion and the upgrading of the animal facility to standards compliant to NSPCA levels. Above all, he wished the participants good success during the days of the conference.

Prof Leseilane Mampuru from the University of Limpopo commented that not only has the students developed, but the staff as well has also developed immensely during the four years of the RCDI funding and the collaboration between the two universities.