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Prof Andre Pascal KengneDirector: Prof Andre Pascal Kengne

Mission of the Non-Communicable Diseases Research Unit (NCDRU)
To formulate and apply an integrated programme of research and capacity development in order to improve the prevention, understanding, detection and management of non-communicable diseases, with a major focus on cardiovascular and metabolic disorders in South Africa.

Research Programme
For the next five years, the unit is contemplating a research program comprising both pre-clinical, clinical and population-based studies with a major concentration of cardiometabolic diseases. On the clinical and the population-based side, the unit will focus on a number of priorities including:

  1. Generating reliable estimates of the burden of major cardiometabolic diseases and risk factors overall and in specific segments of the populations such as people with HIV infection, and develop a monitoring system to track changes over time.
  2. Develop and test context specific strategies for detecting people at high risk of cardiometabolic diseases both in clinical settings and at the population level.
  3. Develop and test cost-effective strategies for implementing primary and secondary prevention of major cardiometabolic diseases in clinical settings and at the population levels.
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