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Services offered  

Literature Searches
Retrospective literature searches are conducted for MRC staff, MRC supported staff and private individuals/ organizations, by qualified information specialists. The cost of these services varies according to the databases searched for more information please contact information specialists.

Selective dissemination of information (SDI)
Arrangements can be made for SDIs, where search strategies are saved as user profiles and executed on a monthly basis.

Provision of Impact Factors
ISD subscribes to the Journal Citation Report database (Science and Social Science editions) to obtain impact factors for journals

Document delivery services
ISD provides a comprehensive document delivery service to MRC staff, MRC supported staff and private individuals/ organizations. Bibliographic material (books and journal articles) can be sourced locally and internationally at a cost. The requestor has the option of receiving articles by post, fax or in certain cases in electronic format.

Interlibrary lending (ILL)
ISD provides an interlibrary lending service to researchers by obtaining photocopies, books and / or micro-material not available in its collection from other institutions in Southern Africa as well as worldwide.

Who qualifies for interlibrary lending?
The ILL service is rendered to all MRC staff as well as external clients in need of the service.

How to submit requests?
Requests may be submitted by fax or email

How long will delivery take?
Requests are processed as soon as possible. The ILL Section works towards a goal of providing material to other institutions within 2, 5 days and obtaining 100% of material requested by our clients within 21 days.

Are there limits to what can be obtained?
Certain categories of material are not readily available on ILL, for example, rare books and special collections, audio-visual materials, reference works and entire issues of periodicals. Photocopies of these documents can, however, be obtained, subject to the Copyright Act 98 of 1978. The copyright law does not allow copies of more than one article from a single issue, and allows no more than 10% of the specific issue to be made for the same customer.

What is the cost?
Document delivery services and cost
Staff can use their project codes and external clients can use cash for payment.  
The articles can be faxed to clients at a cost.

What is the loan period?
Loan periods vary, depending on the policy of the supplying library. Generally a client can expect to have the use of a book for a period of between 4 and 8 weeks.

To whom must the material be returned?
All material obtained from and through ISD on ILL must be returned to the nearest MRC (ISD) branch - either personally or by means of registered or insured mail.

Items that are not available in our libraries may be obtained from other libraries in Southern Africa or overseas. This service is available to all MRC staff.

Photocopying Service
Photocopying services are available in all MRC (ISD Resource Centers) for users to make photocopies.

The cost of photocopying is: R1.00 per page

Photocopies of material that is not for loan, e.g. periodicals and reference works, may be made, subject to the provisions of the Copyright Act 98 of 1978 and the relevant library regulations.

Book Binder
Each library has a binding machine but please carry your own necessary material needed for binding. For help please contact nearest Information Officer.

Internet Access
ISD resource centers have computers with internet access facility for users to access our catalog, their emails, do their searches, whilst visiting the library.

Borrowing/Requesting Material
Material may be borrowed:

  • In person by visiting our resource centers.
  • Electronically - via the WizCat (catalogue) or by Email:
  • By telephone - only when a valid book number, title or authors are supplied.
  • By faxing completed details.

Need any support or help? Email/call us (see contacts).

How to order books and journals
If you need to purchase any publications or bibliographical resources please contact ISD Information Officers.

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