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General information  

Hours of Business
Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 16:30

All Information Services Division (Resource Centers) / ISD (Resource Centers) are closed on weekends, public holidays, and between Christmas and New Year.

All MRC staff members are automatically members of ISD (Resource Centers). However, members of the public are welcome to make use of the facilities, in person or by means of email, fax, and telephone. Certain tariffs are applicable to literature searches and the supply of photocopies.

NB: New employees are urged to register.

All items in ISD (Resource Centers) are accessible via the online catalogue (WizCat). A training programme, is available to guide clients through the various search options in the catalogue.

Co-operative collection development takes place through liaison with different research units within the MRC.

A copyright provides its holder the right to restrict unauthorized copying and reproduction of an original publication (i.e. literary work, movie, music, painting, software, mask work, etc.)

Why the concern about copyright?

  • MRC's Information Services Division comply with the Copyright Act and Regulations and in so doing, respect the rights of authors and publishers.
  • It is illegal for anyone to violate any of the rights provided by the copyright law to the owner of copyright.
  • The infringement of copyright could result in legal action.

The Copyright Act is extensive and in case of doubt, please consult the Copyright Act.

ISD (Resource Center) Regulations & Fines

Users of the ISD (Resource Centers) have the right to expect:

  • a suitable environment for reading and other activities in support of research,
  • access to available resources (books, journals, newspapers and other materials)
  • quiet surroundings conducive for studying

All users of ISD (Resource Centers) are to abide by the following rules and MUST NOT:

  • remove or attempt to remove materials, equipment or property without having them issued or without proper authorization,
  • fail to either return or renew materials when due.
    Note: Please communicate with Information Officers (contacts) should you have a problem,
  • smoke in ISD (Resource Centers),
  • mutilate materials by marking, underlining, or removing pages and binding,
  • vandalize or deface buildings, furniture or equipment,
  • maliciously access, alter, delete, damage or destroy any computer system, network computer programs or data,
  • create a disturbance or behave in a manner which interferes with the normal use of resources (such behavior include that which is noisy, verbal abuse, impedes access to material or is sexually offensive)
  • harass staff or users,
  • misuse internet access.

All users of ISD (Resource Centers) are requested to familiarize themselves with the above Regulations. Ignorance of any clause will not be accepted as an excuse for a breach of Regulations.

Fines are charged to all users, regardless of status, for any item(s) returned after the due date stamped on the item(s), and which has not been renewed. If a renewal is made after the due date, a fine will be charged for the period of time between the due date and the date the item is renewed.

Fines are charged at R1.00 per day, per item over due.

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29 February, 2016
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