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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)  

Q:  Where do I find MEDLINE?
A:  Several links to the MEDLINE database are available via the databases page, as well as free at, and others

Q:  Are journals available on loan?
A: Journals are not available on loan but a special arrangement can be made with Information Officers in certain cases only for MRC members of staff. 

Q:  How do I find articles on a specific subject in journals?
A:  Use the MEDLINE database, or other relevant databases accessible at the Library under electronic resources in our web page. If you need assistance, please consult our Information Officers.

Q:  How do I locate the physical articles after I've done a database information search?
A: Make a request online through document delivery or email: or fax to the nearest branch (see contacts).

Q:  Where do I find the current issues of journals and in what order are they arranged?
A:  Current journal issues are housed in libraries and all journals are arranged alphabetically according to title.

Q:  How do I make photocopies?
A:  Ask any Information Officer available to assist you with photocopying. Staff members can use their project codes to make copies. Cash payment is also accepted.

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22 June, 2016
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