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The Medical Research Council strives to improve the nation's health status and quality of life through relevant and excellent health research aimed at promoting equity and development. The organisation's focus is to take its research to the public.

Closing date: 21 January 2015 | Research Laboratory Animal Technologist or Veterinary Technologist/Nurse
Primate Unit and Delft Animal Centre, Cape Town
PUDAC (Primate Unit & Delft Animal Centre) of the Medical Research Council seeks the services of a qualified Research Laboratory Animal Technologist or Veterinary technologist/nurse.
Closing date: 25 January 2015 | Personal Assistant to Director
MRC Office of Malaria Research, Durban
The MRC Office of Malaria Research (MOMR), requires a dynamic, assertive, well spoken, experienced and competent person to function as a Personal Assistant to the Director: Office of Malaria Research.

In return the MRC offers a total cost of employment remuneration package that includes the organisation's contribution towards fringe benefits.
The MRC fully subscribes to the principles of Employment Equity and the embracing of diversity. Disabled persons are welcome to apply.

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13 January, 2015
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