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Executive Director: Mr Brinton Spies

To actively contribute to the mission and vision of the SAMRC, especially to the goal that recognises people as the most important resource, through working in close collaboration with the internal and external stakeholders of the organisation.

Strategic intent

  • To create an organisational culture that reflects the values of human dignity, diversity and excellence in employee behaviour.
  • To develop Human Resource Capacity in health science research to address the national burden of disease.
  • To establish the MRC as a learning organisation through increasing the competency profile of the organisation.
  • To fully contribute to the ongoing transformation of the MRC in close collaboration with all internal and external stakeholders.
  • To develop visionary leadership.
  • To empower all employees.
  • To deliver excellent service to the organisation, its employees and clients through efficient systems, policies and processes.
  • To build a national leadership profile for the SAMRC in human resource practices.
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1 August, 2016
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