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Director: Prof Gita Ramjee

The HIV Prevention Research Unit (HPRU) is based in Durban under the leadership of Prof. Gita Ramjee. The Unit’s mandate is to address women’s vulnerability to HIV through a comprehensive research program consisting of epidemiological, behavioural, basic science and clinical studies. Women remain at the highest risk of HIV infection in South Africa, and their vulnerability to HIV can be attributed to a number of risks including biological, behavioural, social and structural factors. In addition, they have increased vulnerabilities to other HIV related co-morbidities such as TB.

Our priority areas are: 

To address behavioural, social and structural vulnerabilities to HIV among women.
To address biological vulnerability of HIV among women by conducting research on HIV and associated co-morbidities including communicable and non-communicable diseases.
To undertake clinical research for novel biomedical interventions by conducting multi-disciplinary biomedical HIV prevention research through pre-exposure prophylaxis, vaccines, combination prevention strategies and operational research.
To undertake research of combination HIV prevention, treatment and care strategies by developing innovative laboratory and point of care diagnostics to enhance and support the Health Systems.

To address women’s access to better and integrated Health Systems through operational and implementation science research by collaborating with the Department of Health to strengthen and support health systems delivery through research translation.

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27 July, 2016
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