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 Our research 

HIV Prevention Research Unit

Director: Prof Gita Ramjee

The Unit is based in Durban under the leadership of Prof Gita Ramjee. The Unit’s Mission is to address the HIV epidemic in South Africa through HIV prevention, treatment and care in collaboration with key stakeholders.

The Unit’s research objectives are as follows   

To expand our research locally and internationally through collaborations with local and global partners
To formulate effective strategies and to successfully apply these strategies to endure long term success of the Unit
To provide top class research that is aligned to the MRC vision and mission
To create sustainability and business processes, and demonstrate our relevance and ability to our stakeholders and to the society at large.
To gain recognition and credibility with our stakeholders

SAMRIThe Unit also co-ordinates the South African Microbicide Research Initiative (SAMRI) under the leadership of the Unit Director, Dr Gita Ramjee. The initiative will focus on the accelerated testing of safe and effective microbicides.

SAMRI Mission
“To accelerate testing of prevention technologies to curb the spread of HIV among women and men in South Africa.”

SAMRI Objectives

  1. To create a database of microbicides and other barrier method research scientists in South Africa.
  2. To create a forum for discussion of issues pertaining to microbicide and other female-controlled method trials in the country, for example ethics, community issues, etc.
  3. To support other groups such as the International Partnerships on Microbicides, the International Working Groups on Microbicides and the Global Campaign on Microbicides.
  4. To offer expertise and training to other African countries working in microbicide research.
  5. To strengthen HIV prevention education among participating communities through partnerships with local and international initiatives.
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8 April, 2014
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