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Respect 4 U 

What is Respect 4 U?What is Respect 4 U?
Respect 4 U is an intimate partner violence (IPV) prevention programme aimed at young adolescents. The 17-lesson programme was originally designed for implementation in Grade 8 Life Orientation classes.

The intervention is informed by a theoretical model that is derived from existing research addressing the associations between IPV and ideologies of male superiority, a culture of violence, and high levels of alcohol and drug use. The goals of the intervention are to increase social support for girls, change norms that support boys’ right to control girls and insist on sex, increase understanding of substance use in the context of relationships, and improve communication to prevent the use of violence in relationships.

The process of intervention development has included integrating existing relevant evidence-based programmes, team workshops, and consultations with experts in the field and with key informant adolescents.

Research on Respect 4 U
This three-year project was a collaboration between three institutions including the University of Cape Town, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (Alan Flisher, Cathy Mathews, Aník Gevers), Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation (PIRE), University of Kentucky (Pam Cupp, Marcia Russell), and the MRC’s Gender & Health (Rachel Jewkes, Aník Gevers) and Health Systems (Cathy Mathews). The project was funded by the NIMH. The aim of the project was to develop and pilot-test an intervention to reduce dating violence for use in schools (aimed at Grade 8).

Monitoring and evaluation data were collected during two pilot testing phases in 2009 and in 2010.

What do the Respect 4 U lessons provide?
The Respect 4 U lessons provide opportunities for adolescents to examine their attitudes and beliefs about gender, relationships, violence, and help-seeking and also to learn relevant facts and skills to deal with relationships including communication skills, relationship-building skills, relationship termination skills, and help-seeking skills.

Using the Respect 4 U manual
The following materials are available: the facilitator guide (available in English only), the learner guide (available in English and in Afrikaans). The manual is intended to be used in its entirety with participants who work through all sessions, which build on one another. It is designed for use with young adolescents of both genders.

Download (you can choose to either download the entire manual in one file or you can download individual units separately):

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