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Self-initiated research grants Guidelines and information  

General introduction
This category of research support by the MRC caters for research support applications, in the broad field of health research, describing original research initiated by a researcher at a recognized research institution.

For research proposals to be supported in this category they must be of a very high quality as there is stringent competition for limited funds. Normally therefore, applicants most likely to be successful are researchers who are well established in their fields. That having been said, in the end it is the quality of the research proposal at hand that will determine funding.

Definition of a research institution
A legally constituted institution or organization wherein research is one of the primary purposes for its existence, including the training of postgraduate students. The broad thrust of the organisation’s research, basic or applied, should be towards the advancement of knowledge.

Eligibility of applicants
Applicants for research support in this category should be either permanently employed at a recognized research institution or be in a long term contract (at least for the minimum of the duration of the project). Applying individuals should be South African citizens or permanent residents. Postgraduate students, full or part-time, are not eligible to apply. Applicants should have completed a research degree (PhD or equivalent) which demonstrates their research capability.

Only one research proposal will be considered for funding per individual applicant and once granted, only one such grant may be held by an individual until the project has been completed. Research grants applications that are proposing work on behalf of commercial entities will not be considered.

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