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Request for Applications: SAMRC Collaborating Centres for TB and/or HIV/AIDS  


This Request for Applications (RFA) is to establish a national resource of collaborating TB and HIV Centres with investigators and sites in order to foster, stimulate, and/or expand basic, translational, behavioural and applied research that will advance scientific discovery and engage South African researchers working together in the areas of TB and HIV/AIDS.

Every successful application would be a designated ‘SAMRC Collaborating Centre for TB and/or HIV/AIDS’ and receive a three-year grant. 

The application deadline is 21 October 2014.

ADDENDUM 1 to Request for Applications (RFA)
 SAMRC Collaborating Centres for TB and/or HIV/AIDS Application deadline date - 21 October 2014

Clarification note:
The Eligibility criteria referred to in Section 4 : "Any institution approved by the Minister of Science and technology for NRF funding is eligible to apply" means that research institutions including science councils; higher education institutions and private research organizations may apply.

Additional further clarification may be found  in the RFA:  Any "registered not-for-profit organization are eligible to apply"

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