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Grand Challenges South Africa: All Children Thriving  


Invites for Full applications: April 2015

This call for proposals is for a new Grand Challenge: All Children Thriving.  This challenge focuses on new measurement tools and new combinations of approaches to ensure all children thrive – that they not only survive, but also have the chance to live healthy productive lives.  This challenge joins the All Children Thriving platform, which links Grand Challenges programs targeting healthy birth, growth, and development, including the global programs Saving Brains and Saving Lives at Birth and programs launched through Grand Challenges Brazil and Grand Challenges India. The platform supports the expansion of a global network of investigators working on similar issues; fostering linkages between the individual programs; building on existing databases, biorepositories, and clinical trial sites; and increasing opportunities for exchanging ideas and lessons learned.

Funding levels
The request for proposals for All Children Thriving will fund seed grants at up to USD $500,000 for two years and full grants at up to USD $2.5 million for four years.  We expect that projects funded at either level with promising results will have the opportunity to apply for additional funding to build on initial success.  How many seed grants and how many full grants will be funded depends on the response to the request for proposals. In all cases, individual project budgets should be representative of the scope and magnitude of the proposed studies and carefully designed to get the best possible value out of the award.

What we are looking for
To reach these objectives, we are looking for projects that propose innovation in the following areas:

  • Measurement tools: Pilot tests of new measurement tools, such as those based on a new technology or new biomarkers of linear growth, cognitive function, or gestational age, including rapid response indicators of intervention success or failure
  • Intervention packages: Tests of new interventions – especially combinations of interventions –that 1) develop a new human cohort with unique advantages over existing cohorts, such as the potential for developing a unique biorepository; or 2) add an activity, such as a prospective pilot trial of an intervention or new measurement tool, to ongoing work with a human cohort, including at sites of intervention trials and sites for public health surveillance
  • Analytical tools: Pilot tests of new analytical tools that use existing biorepositories or existing  health and development databases for retrospective analysis

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