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African Safety Promotion Journal 

African Safety Promotion Journal

African Safety Promotion: A Journal of Injury and Violence Prevention seeks to foster the exchange of ideas among safety promotion and injury prevention researchers, practitioners and policy makers primarily in Africa, but also in other regions in the world. Since 2002, the Journal has maintained its publication target of two issues per annum, and in 2005, was accredited by the South African National Department of Education. The ASP is accredited by the South African Department of Higher Education and Training. View the DHET Policy (2015)

The African Safety Promotion: A Journal of Injury and Violence Prevention, Vol. 15, No. 1, June 2017 is now available online. Please see below a link to the full volume as well as the Table of Contents with links to full text articles. If you have any queries please contact Ms Nancy Hornsby at


ASP is administered by the UNISA Institute for Social and Health Sciences (ISHS) and the Violence, Injury and Peace Research Unit, which is co-directed by the UNISA ISHS and South African Medical Research Council (MRC).

ASP seeks to promote multidisciplinary research and dialogue about injury and violence on the continent. The journal publishes on a spectrum of topics of interest to researchers, practitioners and policy makers in the injury and violence prevention sector. ASP is an accredited South African Post Secondary Education (SAPSE) journal. All articles in the journal are subject to peer review. ASP is published biannually and features original full-length articles, theoretical papers, reviews, and short communications. The ASP is published twice a year.

Journal Aims and Scope

The African Safety Promotion: A Journal of Injury and Violence Prevention (ASP) is a forum for discussion and critical debate among academics, policy-makers and practitioners active in the field on injury prevention and safety promotion. ASP seeks to promote research and dialogue around a central public health issue that affects Africa, namely injury and violence.

Subject Coverage

Issues of ASP’s predecessor, the Institute for Social and Health Science’s Monograph Series, addressed a variety of injury and violence related topics, such as:

  • Critical social perspectives to injury and violence prevention
  • Injury surveillance methodologies
  • Costing techniques
  • Epidemiological research findings
  • Health systems research
  • Risks and resiliences associated with violence and injuries in low- to middle-income contexts
  • Best practices for injury prevention and containment
Manuscript Preparation Guidelines
  • Manuscripts should be in 12 point Times New Roman font, with the main headings in capitals and bold, and sub-headings in sentence case.
  • All manuscripts should be typed in 1.5 spacing.
  • No enumerations and section numbering should be included, and all graphs and tables should be inserted at the end of the document.
  • All contributions should follow the sixth edition of the American Psychological Association (APA) style guide for referencing purposes.
  • The manuscript must be accompanied by a letter indicating that the article has not been published elsewhere. This letter must be signed by all listed authors to indicate their agreement with the submission.
  • Contributors may submit the names and contact details of two referees competent to review their manuscript.
  • Manuscript must be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Ashley van Niekerk. Please send manuscripts via email to

There are four categories of submissions accepted for publication in ASP:

  • Original Contributions
    Full scientific manuscripts submitted for this category should not exceed 6 000 words in length excluding the title, abstract, references, figures and tables.
  • Literature Reviews
    Manuscripts submitted as a literature review should not exceed 6 000 words in total.
  • Book Reviews
    Copies of books may be sent to the Editor-in-Chief.
  • Short Communications/Perspectives
    These communications include commentaries on events in the injury prevention sector, and organisation or programme reports. These should not exceed 2 000 words, inclusive of references.

All original contributions and short research reports should have the following sections:

  • Title Page: This page should include the title of the manuscript, all authors and their affiliations. Full contact details should be included for the corresponding author. The category in which the manuscript is to be submitted should be indicated at the top of the page.
  • Abstract: All manuscripts, except short communications and book reviews, should include an abstract placed before the main text of the article. This abstract should not exceed 250 words in length. While all abstracts need to be submitted in English, authors are also allowed to submit translations of these abstracts in French or Swahili. Abstracts must be accompanied by a minimum of 5 keywords
  • Main Text: The main text of the article should, as far as is appropriate, be divided into the following sections: Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, and Prevention Implications/Conclusion.
Editorial Board

Chief Editor

  • Ashley van Niekerk, South African Medical Research Council and University of South Africa

Managing Editor

  • Nancy Hornsby, South African Medical Research Council

Editorial Assistants

  • Annelise Krige, South African Medical Research Council
  • Mildred Dreyer, University of South Africa
  • Anthony Phaahlamohlake, University of South Africa

Editorial Committee

  • Mohamed Seedat, University of South Africa
  • Kopano Ratele, University of South Africa
  • Shahnaaz Suffla, South African Medical Research Council
  • Lu-Anne Swart, University of South Africa

Editorial Board

  • Hesham El-Sayed, Suez Canal University
  • Roderick McClure, Monash University
  • Tennyson Mgutshini, University of South Africa
  • Tamara Shefer, University of the Western Cape
  • Shrikant Bangdiwala, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  • Floretta Boonzaier, University of Cape Town
In order to subscribe to the ASP, please contact Sabinet at or Tel: +27 +12 643 9500. You can also visit the Sabinet website at  
Contact Details

For more information, please contact Ms Nancy Hornsby (

African Safety Promotion: A Journal of Injury and Violence Prevention
Violence, Injury and Peace Research Unit
South African Medical Research Council
PO Box 19070
South Africa

Tel: +27 +21 938 0441
Fax: +27 +21 938 0381

All Volumes and Issues - 2012 - 2017


June 2017, Vol. 15, Issue 1 - E-publication date 23 June 2017

Download the complete Issue


  • Violence protests and gendered identities
    Yandisa Sikweyiya & Sebenzile Nkosi
  • Harnessing the power of South-South partnerships to build capacity for the prevention of sexual and intimate partner violence
    Elizabeth Dartnall & Anik Gevers

Original Contributions

  • Exploring the heuristic value of non-personal data for sexual- and gender-based violence research and prevention in South Africa
    Corne Davis & Dirk N. Meerkotter
  • Mainstreaming road safety in the regional integration of the East African Community to reduce road traffic injuries
    Joseph K. Balikuddembe, Davoud Khorasani-Zavareh, Paul Sinclair, Kasiima Stephen, Ali Ardalan, & Amir Nejati

Conference Reports and Calls

  • Phoenix Rehabilitation and Prevention – European Burn Association Joint Workshop on Burn Rehabilitation and Prevention: Sharing experiences, 16 – 18 January 2017, Cape Town, South Africa
    Nancy Hornsby & Roxanne Jacobs
  • Traffic Course Call: Injury Control and Traffic Safety Training Course, 2 – 4 October 2017, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Conference Call: 7th African Regional Safe Communities and Peace Promotion Conference: Strengthening Community Prevention and Promotive Responses, 23 – 26 July 2018, Maputo, Mozambique

Vol. 14, Issue 2 - E-publication date 29 March 2017

Download the complete Issue

  • Original Contribution
    Hospital disaster emergency preparedness: A study of Onandjokwe Lutheran Hospital, Northern Namibia.
    Alice Ncube & Gerald N. T. Chimenya.
  • Perspective
    The National School Safety Framework: A framework for preventing violence in South African schools
    Gillian Makota & Lezanne Leoschut 
  • Conference Reports
    The 12th World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion, Tampere, Finland
    Nick Malherbe

Vol. 14, Issue 1


Original Contributions

Community asset mapping for violence prevention: A comparison of views in Western Cape, South Africa and Memphis, USA
Teresa Cutts, Jill Olivier, Sandy Lazarus, Naiema Taliep, Jim Cochrane, Mohamed Seedat, Ricardo van Reenan, Cathy Henricks & Haseena Carelse

Seatbelt use among university students from 26 low, middle and high income countries
Karl Peltzer & Supa Pengpid

Learners’ self-reports of exposure to violence in schools: A gendered reflection
Taole Matshidiso Joyce

Conference Report

UN-Habitat, African Forum for Urban Safety Conference: Africa’s progress towards “Safer Cities”, Durban, South Africa
Nancy Hornsby

Special Issue Call: South African men, masculinities and violence


 Volume 13, Issue 2


Original Contributions

Perceived childhood exposure to domestic violence: The risk for adult revictimisation
Jill Ryan, Edna Rich, & Nicolette V. Roman

“If it is a tear let it be a tear, not a laceration”: Form J88 as evidence in prosecution of violence against women in South Africa
Ramadimetja Mogale, Kaysi Eastlick Kushner, & Magdalena Solina Richter

A quantitative exploration of the effects of workplace bullying on South African educators
Lynette Jacobs & Corene de Wet

Prevalence, circumstances and consequences of non-fatal road traffic injuries and other bodily injuries among older people in China, Ghana, India, Mexico, Russia and South Africa
Karl Peltzer, Nancy Paswana-Mafuya, Perianayagam Arokiasamy, Richard Biritwurm, Alfred Yawson, Nadia Minicuci, Jennifer Stewart Williams, Paul Kowal, Somnath Chatterji, & SAGE Collaborating Group.

The role of ex-offenders in implementing the Community Work Programme as a crime and violence prevention initiative
Malose Langa & Themba Masuku

Conference Report

Health, healthcare and social justice: The 9th Biennial International Society of Critical Health Psychology Conference, 12 to 15 July, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa
Nicole Scullard

Call for papers

The UN decade of action for road safety: Progress, challenges, and successes

Vol. 13, Issue 1



Youth, violence and equality: Perspectives on engaging youth toward social transformation
Floretta Boonzaier, Jukka Lehtonen & Rob Pattman

Original Contributions

Young lesbian and bisexual women resisting discrimination and negotiating safety: A photovoice study
Floretta Boonzaier & Maya Zway

Empowering young people in advocacy for transformation: A photovoice exploration of safe and unsafe spaces on a university campus
Sisa Ngabaza, Erika Bojarczuk, Michelle P. Masuku & Rudolf Roelfse

Exclusionary violence and bullying in the playground: Football and gender ‘policing’ at school
Emmanuel Mayeza

‘…a huge monster that should be feared not done’: Lessons learned in sexuality education in South Africa
Tamara Shefer, Lou-Marie Kruger, Catriona Mclead, Jean Baxen & Louise Vincent

ASP Special Issue Call

The UN Decade of Action for Road Safety: Progress, challenges and successes

Conference Announcement

6th International Conference on Community Psychology: Global dialogues on critical knowledge, liberation and community


Vol. 12, Issue 2


Taking safety promotion and injury prevention “beyond interventionism”: Aligning activity theory with community based participatory research
Louis Botha

Original Contributions
Urban density, deprivation and road safety: A small area study in the eThekwini metropolitan area, South Africa
Anesh Sukhai and Andrew P. Jones

“A stitch in time…may save nine”: A systematic synthesis of the evidence for domestic violence management and prevention in Emergency Care
Navindhra Naidoo, Lillian Artz, Lorna J Martin, and Mustafa Zalgaonker

Conference report
American Men’s Studies Association 22nd Annual Interdisciplinary Conference, Considering Culture: Masculinities in International and Regional Culture
Brittany Everitt-Penhale

Vol. 12, Issue 1


Original Contributions
Effectiveness of road safety education in Nigeria using a quasi-experimental trial
Ifeoma P. Okafor, Kafoworola A. Odeyemi, Duro C. Dolapo, Amobi L. Ilika and Adenike O. Omosun

1 Affiliation details have been corrected and replaced for the 4th author.

Everyday partner violence in Rwanda: The contribution of community-based sociotherapy to a peaceful family life
Annemiek Richters and Emmanuel Sarabwe

An exploration of student perceptions of the risks and protective factors associated with child sexual abuse and incest in the Western Cape, South Africa
Chernelle Lambert and Michelle Andipatin

Skin bleaching: A neglected form of injury and threat to global skin health
Jalika C. Street, Karie Gaska, Kelly M. Lewis and Michael L. Wilson

Helmet use and associated factors among motorcyclists in the Southeast Asian Nations: Prevalence and effect of interventions
Karl Peltzer and Supa Pengpid

Conference report
XXI International Safe Communities Conference: “Prevention to build safer environments”, Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico
Ghouwa Ismail


Vol. 11, Issue 2

Contents (pdf format, 3017 kb)

Critical reflections on contemporary responses to gender violence
(pdf format, 165 kb)

Gender-based violence and evidence-based primary prevention in South Africa
Aník Gevers, Nwabise Jama-Sha and Yandisa Sikweyiya
(pdf format, 153 kb)

Relevance and feasibility of WHO recommendations for intimate partner violence care (pdf format, 138 kb)
Kate Joyner

The importance of confronting a colonial, patriarchal and racist past (pdf format, 204 kb)
Lucy Valerie Graham

Gender violence in and around schools (pdf format, 136 kb)
Deevia Bhana

Vrou is Gif (pdf format, 169 kb)
Louise Vincent and Samantha Naidu

Original Contributions
Sexual violence in post-conflict Sierra Leone
(pdf format, 272 kb)
Johannes John-Langba, Vivian Nasaka John-Langba and Nyella Maya Rogers

Conspicuous by its absence (pdf format, 191 kb)
Navindhra Naidoo, Stephen E. Knight and Lorna J. Martin

“We face rape. We face all things” (pdf format, 168 kb)
Sarah Frances Gordon and Anthony Collins

“She keeps his secrets”. (pdf format, 174 kb)
Karen Fleming and Lou-Marie Kruger

Volume 11, Issue 1

Implementation epidemiology: The study of the frequency, distribution and determinants of effective prevention practice
(pdf format, 115 kb)
Roderick John McClure and Tamzyn Maria Davey

Original Contributions
The severity of violence against women by intimate partners and associations with perpetrator alcohol and drug use in the Vhembe district, South Africa
(pdf format, 127 kb)
Karl Peltzer and Supa Pengpid

Community violence in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: A mixed methods study (pdf format, 139 kb)
Anne H. Outwater, Edward Mgaya and Jacquelyn C. Campbell

Investigating risk and protective factors to mainstream safety and peace at the University of
South Africa
(pdf format, 164 kb)
Luciana Rodriguez, Sherianne Kramer and Bronwyn Sherriff


Volume 10, Issue 2

Original Contributions
A critical review of child maltreatment indices: Psychometric properties and application in the South African context. (pdf format, 151 kb)
Ritacco, G., & Suffla, S

Pattern and severity of childhood unintentional injuries in Ismailia city, Egypt. (pdf format, 143 kb)
El-Sayed, H., Zekry, O., Abbas, H., Hamid, S.A., & Hyder, A.

Urban and rural differences in child injury deaths in South Africa: A one year review (pdf format, 121 kb)
Swart, L., Laher , H., Seedat, M., & Gantchev, G.

Demographic and contextual influences in injury risk among adolescents in a low-income country setting: Results from a school-based survey in Tanzania (pdf format, 88 kb)
Wilson, M.L., Kamala, B.A., Dunlavy, A.C., & Kigwangalla, H.A.

Sustainable safety volunteerism in the Strand, Western Cape: Volunteer identity, motivation and socio-organisational experiences (pdf format, 112 kb)
Bulbulia, S., & van Niekerk, A.

Volume 10, Issue 1

Original Contributions
Educators’ Perceptions of Factors Contributing to School Violence in Alexandra.
(pdf format, 264 kb)
Shenaaz Pahad & Tanya M. Graham

Young Black Men’s Risk to Firearm Homicide in Night Time Johannesburg,South Africa: a Retrospective Analysis based on the National Injury Mortality Surveillance System (pdf format, 273 kb)
Sherianne Kramer & Kopano Ratele

Book Review
Crime, Violence and Injury in South Africa: 21st Century Solutions for Child Safety
(pdf format, 115 kb)
Reviewed by Marinda Kotzé


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