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Learning and support initiatives

At the other end of the process, Cochrane SA undertakes skills development on the use of reviews for health practitioners, students and others; as well as awareness-raising to increase the understanding and implications of review content for policy makers and other stakeholders.

Training menu
Below is a menu of our current courses, workshops and support.

Contact Cochrane SA: + 27 21 938 0438 or

Cochrane specific author training1


1 Cochrane protocol development workshop 4-5 days
2 Cochrane review progress/update school 3 days
4 GRADE 1.5 days
5 RevMan 2 hours/ one-on-one support
6 Fellowships to support 'time-out' for Cochrane Review work As needed
7 Mentorship for novice authors As needed
8 RevMan or methods support from Centre staff, one-on-one As needed
1 Participants must have a registered Cochrane Review title
General systematic review training Duration
1 Introduction to evidence-based health care, systematic reviews and the work of Cochrane 2 2 hours – 1 day
2 Searching for studies and systematic reviews - The Cochrane Library and MEDLINE 2,3 2 - 4 hours
3 How to read a systematic review 2 3.5 - 4 days
4 Systematic reviews and meta-analysis: semester course of the MSc Clinical Epidemiology, Stellenbosch University 3 Accredited short course, includes e-learning and 3 days contact time (120 hours), over a 4-5 month period (30 CPD points)
5 Title registration support, one-on-one support3 As needed
2 Participants include researchers, healthcare professionals, policymakers and other stakeholders interested in learning more about the work of Cochrane and how to access and read Cochrane Reviews
3 Participants include those interested in doing a systematic review

Systematic Review Methods Seminars

Cochrane has an extensive set of training materials which are available at

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