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Systematic Review Methods Seminars

Cochrane South Africa invites you to attend our seminars on Systematic Reviews and the methods that inform them. If you are interested in using or doing systematic reviews, these sessions are an opportunity for you to learn more about specific systematic review methodology, or to share and discuss any issues you are facing as an author of a systematic review during the Q&A session. Even if you are not able to attend the session in person you are still welcome to submit questions. These can be submitted to a week before the session.

For more information about these sessions please contact Solange Durao on 021-9380506 or email:



Introduction to RevMan for systematic reviews

Discussion of an ongoing review

Defining the systematic review question and developing criteria for selecting studies

Searching the literature to identify studies for a systematic review

Selecting studies & Data extraction

Assessing risk of bias in included studies

Meta-analysis, Interpreting the results, and drawing conclusions

GRADEing the evidence

How to write systematic reviews

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2 November, 2017
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