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Are you made of mentor material?
The South African Cochrane Centre (SACC) and the Cochrane HIV/AIDS Group are currently seeking experienced reviewers to act as mentors in an exciting new initiative. The HIV/AIDS Mentoring Programme kicked off in October 2000 with the main aim of increasing the number of Cochrane reviews relevant to HIV/AIDS in resource-poor settings, particularly sub-Saharan Africa. Novice reviewers from the region are paired with a more experienced reviewer and also receive regular mentorship from staff of the SACC. So far, thirteen reviewers have been recruited through this scheme and demand is growing. We cannot grow this programme without your assistance. We need you to join this initiative and become a mentor.

What we want from you
We are looking for committed Cochranites who can offer:

  • methodological experience (no need to be an HIV expert - most of our reviewers deal with HIV daily in their practices);
  • regular e-mail contact and once monthly e-mail chats with the reviewers;
  • willingness to train people with limited epidemiological skills;
  • willingness to work with people who do not speak English as their first language; and,
  • willingness to provide support and advice throughout the review process

A structured protocol development programme is available which can be tailored to the needs of the individual mentor and the reviewers. Mentors are not expected to act as co-reviewers unless this is desirable for both parties.

What you get from us
You stand to gain an exciting opportunity to:

  • interact with people battling to care for consumers with HIV/AIDS on a daily basis;
  • learn about a new culture;
  • experience new reviewers' enthusiasm and eagerness to learn;
  • recognise that your contribution can make a difference at an individual and global level; and,
  • fulfil the 10th Cochrane principle of enabling wide participation.

What have you got to lose?
Send us 100 - 200 words on why you would make a good mentor and a list of your previous Cochrane involvement. We look forward to hearing from you!

E-mail:; Fax: +27 21 938 0836

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29 February, 2016
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