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HIV/AIDS Mentoring Programme 

The Cochrane HIV/AIDS Group, based at the University of California in San Francisco, and the South African Cochrane Centre (SACC) have developed a formal mentoring programme for African authors working on HIV-related reviews.

The Cochrane HIV/AIDS Group recognised that many of their published reviews to date had a treatment focus of little relevance to developing countries, where anti-retroviral treatment is often not available. To remedy this problem, the HIV/AIDS Mentoring Programme aims to increase capacity within Africa to produce reviews relevant to developing countries. Authors working on HIV-related reviews are linked with a more experienced author who provides guidance and methods expertise throughout the review process.

Reviews currently being conducted within the Mentoring Programme include:

  • Boosted protease-inhibitor (PI) regimens vs non-boosted PI regimens for reducing morbidity and mortality in people with HIV/AIDS (Karen Cohen, South Africa)
  • School-based interventions to postpone sexual intercourse and increase condom use for HIV prevention among adolescents (Catherine Mathews, Amanda Mason Jones and Ashraf Kagee, South Africa)
  • Antiviral therapy for genital herpes simplex in people with HIV/AIDS  (Phillip Oshun, Nigeria)
  • Low-dose stavudine versus high-dose stavudine for treating people with HIV (Bulie Magula, South Africa)
  • Female condom for preventing HIV (Ruth Bame, Cameroon)
  • Vaccines for prevention of HIV infection (Ani Etokidem, Nigeria)
  • Antidepressants to treat depression in people with HIV/AIDS (Ingrid Eshun Wilson, South Africa)
  • Treatment for herpes zoster ophthalmicus in people with HIV infection (Bolutife Olusanya, Nigeria)
  • Boosted protease inhibitor 'monotherapy' for treating HIV/AIDS (Walter Jaoko, Kenya)
  • Economic interventions for prevention of HIV risk and HIV infection (Ifeanyi Ezedunikwe, Nigeria)
  • Influenza vaccine for people with HIV/AIDS (Hilary Enuh, Nigeria)
  • Interleukin-2 as an adjunct to antiretroviral therapy for reducing morbidity and mortality in persons with HIV infection (Jennifer Onwumeh, South Africa)

Four Cochrane HIV/AIDS Review Schools funded by the Cochrane HIV/AIDS Review Group have been held in Cape Town. A total of 42 Cochrane authors have attended the Review Schools. The training is PC-based to allow authors the opportunity to perform tasks on their own. The programme covers specific topics each day but is also flexible to allow authors to make requests. The schools specifically allocate time for authors to not only meet face-to-face but also have time to discuss and work on their reviews.

You are invited to participate as:

  • a mentor
  • or an author in the programme

For more information contact Joy Oliver by e-mail

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29 February, 2016
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