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The Cochrane Library ( is a collection of six databases that contain different types of high-quality, independent evidence to inform healthcare decision-making, including Cochrane Reviews.

The South African Medical Research Council in partnership with Wiley (the publisher of the Cochrane Library) has secured a national licence for the Library which means all South African residents have free, one-click access to the Library. To log onto the Cochrane Library to view the current issue and highlighted reviews go to

A systematic review is a standardised, systematic way of reviewing all the data and results from research on a particular issue. They provide an objective, transparent and unbiased view of all the evidence surrounding a research question.

Cochrane has been publishing systematic reviews for over 20 years. Cochrane’s mission is to promote evidence-informed health decision-making by producing high-quality, relevant, accessible systematic reviews and other synthesised research evidence.

Contact: Joy Oliver
Tel: +27 21 938-0834 | Fax: +27 21 938-0836

Training and support in the use of the Cochrane Library is also provided. For more information, please contact:

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