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 Annual report 


Material from this Annual Report may be freely quoted, as long as
full reference to source is given.

  • Current Annual Report
  • Previous Annual Reports
arrow Annual report 2012/13 - Complete (pdf format, 5540 kb)
arrow General information (pdf format, 2770 kb)
Strategic overview
Legislative and other mandates
Organisational structure
MRC research units
Foreword by Chairperson
The President’s overview
arrow Performance information (pdf format, 1161 kb)
Statement of responsibility
Overview of the MRC’s performance
Research highlights
Organisational environment
Strategic Outcome-oriented goals
Performance information
Strategic objectives, performance indicators, planned targets and actual achievements
Summary of financial information
arrow Governance (pdf format, 1077 kb)
Portfolio committees
Executive authority
The Board
Risk management
Internal audit control
Compliance with laws and regulations
Fraud and corruption
Minimising conflict of interest
Code of conduct
Board Secretary
arrow Human resource management (pdf format, 1064 kb)
Human resource oversight
arrow Financial information (pdf format, 2250 kb)
Report of the President
Report of the Auditor-General
Accounting Authorities responsibility and approval
Audit Committee report
Statement of financial position
Statement of financial performance
Statement of Changes in Net Assets
Cash Flow Statement
Statement of comparison of budget and actual amounts
Accounting polices
Notes to the Annual Financial Statements
Detailed income statement
MRC’s materiality and the significance framework
arrow 2012/2013 (pdf format, 5540 kb)
arrow 2011/2012 (pdf format, 4167 kb)


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