South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC)
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South African Medical Research CouncilThe SAMRC is more than a research organisation. We strive to improve the nation’s health and quality of life through promoting and conducting relevant and responsive health research. Our logo embodies our values of pioneering, collaboration and excellence.

The bold “MRC” depicts who we are, while the letters “SA” clearly define us from other Medical Research Councils around the world as a South African entity.

In everything we do, we ultimately strive to improve life through research. Our promise is that we will advance and better the lives of people we serve through our diligent and unwavering mandate to gain as much knowledge across as many fields as possible that will be beneficial to all. We offer a practical step forward in advancing life for all.

Our values

We push the boundaries between the known
and the unknown to further our knowledge
of human existence.
We celebrate the capacity of collective minds
toward a common goal.
Distinction is in everything we do.

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10 October, 2016
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