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11 October 2016

Country's medical research council announces fourth consecutive clean audit

Cape Town | The South African Medical Research Council’s (SAMRC) President & CEO, Professor Glenda Gray, at the end of her second term, announced the Council’s fourth consecutive clean audit to Parliament’s Standing Committee on Health today.

“This journey continues to be about more than just a clean audit.  It is about transformation, effectiveness, adaptation and motivation”, says Gray who accepted the portfolio as the first female President in April 2014.  “We continue to innovate and conduct medical research that is for, about and with our people,” states Gray.     

The Council underwent a strategic business review and organizational redesign process to invigorate the business model for the country’s premier medical research public entity.

“We focused on presenting a business case that would grow the knowledge economy in the country and direct resources into addressing the pressing health challenges faced by our people”, says SAMRC Board Chairperson, Professor Mike Sathekge.

The SAMRC reflected a strong financial performance highlighting revenue increases of 27.3% with a significant contribution through the grant from government increasing by 39.8%.

Some of the challenges faced by public entities include matters of transformation, efficient internal control processes and systems, and capable leadership.  The SAMRC is a sterling example of how public entities are able to implement action plans to demonstrate sound resolve in response to these issues.    

The leadership of the Council admit that the future is paved with many more challenges that must be transformed into sound business opportunities.  These include but are not limited to the following strategic imperatives:

  • Upholding the transformation agenda at all levels in the organization
  • Continue to direct financial resources to historically under-resourced universities and grow the next generation of black scientists
  • Leverage government funding to propagate the medical innovation agenda with the aim to change the point of care for under resourced communities
  • Maintain existing and strategically direct new collaborative relations with international research partners, funders and government to build cross border relations
  • Serve as a focal point to generate cutting edge medical research in the country to advance the knowledge economy and inspire new thinking in medical innovation.


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