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24 April 2015

R 90 Million Newton Fund First call for proposal

The South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) has announced the first open call for research proposals for research projects that will be funded by the prestigious Newton Fund. This call will focus on understanding Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) in Africa and will be partnered with the UK Medical Research Council (UKMRC) and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). A maximum 10 projects will be chosen for the R90 Million fund and will each be funded over three years. 

“As NCDs start to take precedence as a burden of disease, there is a clear opportunity for public and private sector partners to work together to share expertise and find ways to quell this burden,” says SAMRC President Professor Glenda Gray.   

The focus of applications will be on translational research that will integrate basic laboratory-based research, clinical research, and population-based research, with the long-term aim of improving scientific understanding of the unique attributes of NCDs in African populations.

“We are confident that this research will further optimise the understanding of disease mechanisms, presentation and progression and further inform prevention and treatment strategies,” says Professor Gray. “The research will contribute towards reaching the World Health Assembly goal to reduce avoidable mortality from NCDs by 25% by 2025.”

Principal Investigators funded under this call must be based in South Africa, but applicants are encouraged to collaborate with UK based researchers who are also eligible for funding as co-investigators. Principal Investigators are also encouraged to collaborate with other researchers in sub-Saharan Africa.
Please visit: for more information and the application process.

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