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2 April 2015

South African Medical Research Council - Scientific Merit Awards 2015 Call for Nominations

The Council is seeking nominations for the SAMRC Scientific Merit Awards 2015. Nominations opened 1 April 2015 and close 15 May 2015.

The SAMRC will acknowledge the country’s leading medical scientists with Platinum, Gold, Silver and Lifetime Achievement medals at a prestigious awards ceremony in October 2015.

The awards, which were established to express the SAMRC’s support for excellence in health research, are in their third year after a thirteen-year hiatus and aim to honour scientists whose work has had a monumental impact on health science in South Africa and continues to contribute to the improvement of health in the country. 

Platinum Medals are awarded for a lifetime of exemplary scientific achievement, with seminal contributions that have impacted health, especially for people living in developing countries. Gold Medals are awarded for major scientific breakthroughs, while Silver Medals are for recent post-doctoral researchers who have made a major scientific contribution.  At the discretion of the SAMRC President, special awards can also be conferred for exceptional contributions to medical research in South Africa.
Last year’s winners include eminent and internationally renowned clinicians such Professor Jerry Coovadia and Professor Anthony S. Fauci who were awarded the distinguished Presidents’ Award. Professor Robin Wood and Professor Gregory Hussey were both conferred Platinum Medals for major contributions to medical research both nationally and globally.

The SAMRC 2014 Gold medal was awarded to Professor Quarrasha Abdool Karim, Professor Rachel Jewkes and Professor Charles Rotimi.

The SAMRC Silver medals were awarded to Professors Makama Monyeki, Allen Christoffels, Thoma Scriba, Hellen McIlleron; Dr Grant Theron and Dr Musa Mhlanga were also awarded the Silver Awards for recent post-doctoral researcher that has made a major scientific contributions.

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