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26 October 2015    

Bi-lateral agreement between Sweden and South Africa secures in excess of R 30 million to advance health

The South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) and its Swedish counterpart, FORTE concluded strategic talks in Cape Town on how best to invest funds aimed at improving health care in both countries.   

The bi-lateral agreement between the countries serves as a catalyst to bring together scientists to respond to research funding calls in health research areas pertaining to inequalities in health, health systems and health systems policies.  

”This collaboration calls on us to fund research that can direct how to improve the primary health care systems in both countries,” said SAMRC Vice-President Professor Jeffrey Mphahlele.  ”Investment in medical research is paramount to the economic wellbeing of any country”. 

Thirty delegates converged to deliberate on the content and criteria of the soon to be announced research calls.  

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