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27 November 2014

South African Medical Research Council invests R 40 million in eight critical areas of medical research

Cape Town, 27 November 2014 – The South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) announced that it would establish a total of eight (8) research units as of April 2015.  These units will be headed by researchers, each world renowned in their respective research fields, and based at various organisations and universities across South Africa.  

Each of the eight units will be awarded R1 million rand per annum over a five (5) year period that commences in April 2015.  SAMRC President, Professor Glenda Gray expressed this decision as another critical step in the right direction to producing cutting edge, high impact medical research.

“The SAMRC has awarded, after rigorous international peer review, extramural units that will be hosted by universities throughout South Africa. These extramural units have been chosen because they conduct cutting edge research that will impact on the health of South Africans”



Area of Research


Prof Salim Abdool Karim

HIV/TB Pathogenesis and Treatment

fltr: David Katerere on behalf of Alvaro Viljoen, Aletta Schutte, Ute Lehman on behalf of Helen Schneider, Kogieleum Naidoo on behalf of Salim Abdool Karim, Heather Zar, Anthony Okoh, Patrick Arbuthnot, Nesri Padayatchi accepted on behalf of Salim Abdool Karim and Michael Pepper

Prof Michael Pepper

Stem Cell Research and Therapy

Prof Heather Zar

Child and Adolescent Lung Health

Prof Alvaro Viljoen

Herbal Drugs

Prof Aletta Schutte

Hypertension and Cardiovascular Disease

Prof Patrick Arbuthnot

Antiviral Gene Therapy

Prof Helen Schneider

Health Services to Systems Research

Prof Anthony Okoh

Microbial Water Quality Monitoring

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