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21 August 2014

SAMRC Collaborating Centres for TB/TB-HIV/HIV

Request for Applications

The South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) plans to fund and establish ten new TB and HIV Collaborating Centres in an effort to address South Africa’s two most devastating epidemics. Research groups in South Africa are invited to apply to become a SAMRC Collaborating Centre for HIV/AIDS and/or TB.

Applications open on 25 August 2014 and close on 21 October 2014 will see successful applicants receive a core grant of R350 000 per annum over a three year period and will be designated ‘SAMRC Collaborating Centre for HIV/AIDS and/or TB’ status.  Funds may be used to build research capacity and networking at the centre and would include infrastructure; site-development; capacity development; preliminary studies; networking and travel costs.

The funding opportunity for these Collaborative Centres comes after the SAMRC’s recognition that enhanced national cooperative biomedical research would benefit the country in addressing the two most devastating epidemics -Tuberculosis and HIV.  These Centres must have investigators and sites that will foster, stimulate, and expand on basic, translational, behavioral and applied research in an effort to advance scientific discovery and engage South African researchers working collaboratively in the areas of HIV/AIDS and/or TB.

The SAMRC also aims to create a network for HIV and TB research which, through an interdisciplinary approach, will be uniquely positioned to provide answers to some of the key questions hampering prevention and control of HIV/AIDS and/or TB. The Networks will also, through National Research Forums, inform SAMRC-funded research strategy for TB and HIV/AIDS.
Applications for the proposed Collaborating Centres or research networks should reflect the following:

  • Highest possible scientific standards.
  • A focus on national and local public health needs and priorities.
  • Mutually advantageous collaborations among institutions, including participating communities and other partners.
  • Complementary expertise in one or more of the following disciplines: clinical science, biomedical, socio-behavioural science, epidemiology and public health and/or computational and imaging science, or access to critical cohorts or other research material.

Expertise may also include research in basic and discovery science, product development, and translational science and surveillance.  Applications that include under-resourced sites and/or sites that have access to key populations that are most vulnerable in the respective or combined disease areas of TB and HIV are encouraged.

  • More information can be accessed on this website

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