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14 July 2014

World Congress of Pharmacology opens in Cape Town

The South African Medical Research (SAMRC) will take part in the 17th World Congress of basic and clinical pharmacology (WCP2014) which opened yesterday at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

In an effort to place South Africa on the map for pharmacology and drug discovery, the SAMRC’s Strategic Health Innovation Partnerships (SHIP) will join policy makers, researchers and academics from diverse arenas including international pharmaceutical industries, governments, and non-government organisations at the six day congress.

SHIP, with assistance from the National Department of Science and Technology, has already created exciting new opportunities in drug development specifically in the areas of HIV, TB and malaria.  Just last month R150 million worth of funding was activated for projects aimed at turning the tide of TB in South Africa. Drug Discovery was among the three key areas of research. The SAMRC is also funding two of the largest drug discovery projects in Africa and is committed to exploring the possibilities of developing technologies to address specific patient needs.

“Our participation at this congress is to make people aware that the SAMRC is taking a central place in drug discovery in Africa through a number of funding opportunities,” says Director of SHIP Dr Richard Gordon who will be speaking about scientific capacity and capability development on Wednesday when he presents his paper titled: Using Africa as a Gateway to Africa.

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