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10 June 2014

SA Medical Research Council committed to TB elimination at the 4th TB Conference

The South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) will partake in the 4th TB SA Conference set to take place in Durban. The conference, which opens today will see both local and international TB experts convene in an effort to share ideas on how best to tackle the pandemic.

The conference will focus on three thematic tracks that address the key issues hampering the elimination of TB in South Africa; namely Detection and Prevention of TB, TB treatment and TB management. Scientists from the SAMRC will conduct workshops and present research addressing these key thematic areas.

Prof Glenda Gray, President of the SAMRC: “In order to curb TB in South Africa, we have to think out of the box, we have to fund innovations that will directly translate in adequately diagnosing and curing TB. Finding a TB vaccine that will prevent TB transmission in our communities will be paramount for the SAMRC”   

Although the SAMRC and its partners have made a remarkable impact on TB in South Africa to date, the council has once again, through its Strategic Health Innovation Partnership (SHIP), recommitted itself in combating the pandemic.

SHIP, which is a new innovative product development programme within the SAMRC, will generously fund several TB projects in the areas of drug discovery, vaccine development, diagnostics and translational science.

“The Strategic Health Innovation Partnership unit are strongly committed to the fight against the effects of TB”, says Dr Richard Gordon, Director of SHIP. “We are delighted to be supporting South African scientists in leading many of these activities.”


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